The first annual Guelph Games: Masters Multi-Sport Festival will take place in Guelph, Ontario from June 25 – 28, 2020. Masters, a class of sport for veteran athletes over the age of 30 and sometimes centenarians, provides athletes of all abilities the chance to compete in a world-class multi sporting, social and cultural event.


Beach Volleyball


JUNE 25-28, 2020


Beach Court Complex, University of Guelph / 50 Stone Rd E. - Downtown Guelph, Carden Street Courts / 1 Carden St.

Registration Opens:

Jan 11, 2020


*Beach Volleyball Extra Information

Age Groups/Categories:

  • 30 + Men Advanced Competitive Doubles
  • 30+ Women Advanced Competitive Doubles
  • 30+ Men Intermediate Doubles
  • 30+ Women Intermediate Doubles
  • 30+ Mixed Intermediate 4’s (2 males 2 females)
  • 30+ Mixed Advanced 4’s (2 males 2 females)

Minimum Age:
Must be 30 as of December 31st, 2020


  • To register for doubles you must have a partner. You must list your partners name during registration in a specially marked field.
  • To register for 4’s you must list your team name in the allotted mandatory field.
  • Advanced Competitive: An “advanced” level athlete is actively participating in organized competitive volleyball through leagues or tournaments and has experience playing competitive 2s beach volleyball. This athlete knows and can follow the FIVB beach volleyball rules, understands and implements the unique strategies of the 2s beach game, and executes all fundamentals of the sport with skill and consistency (serving, passing, setting, attacking blocking). You and your partner have recent experience playing together and should also be at a similar skill level. Advanced is the top tier of competition for the Guelph Games. 
  • Intermediate/(recreational): An “intermediate” level athlete has played organized competitive volleyball but has limited experience playing 2s beach volleyball, or has not played in a while. This athlete can engage in most or all of the fundamentals of the sport (serving, passing, setting, attacking, blocking) with some consistency. You and your partner should have limited experience playing together or have not played together recently. Intermediate is intended to be competitive but less-so than the advanced competition level. 
  • Pool play is two sets to 21, track sets won, points. Pool play is given 45 minutes
  • Elimination play is best of three sets (21/21/15).